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Frequently Asked Questions

What style veil should I order?

Don’t worry, I am here to help!

All of my veils are beautiful ~ however do be open to looking at a variety of styles. Send a picture of your dress and tell me a bit about your wedding vision and venue. I'll be delighted to make a few suggestions to get you started.



Is Julie Harris Designs LGBTQ friendly?

Absolutely Yes ! 100%

Julie Harris Designs welcomes all loving couples and we treat all people equally with dignity and respect.

If you are a bride or groom in a same-sex wedding please know that you do not need to be fearful or uncomfortable when reaching out or making an inquiry.

Julie Harris Designs truly believes that love is love and should be celebrated!


How much do your veils cost?

With hair accessories starting at $75 and veils at $350, we really do have something for everyone. Check out our pricing page for more details.

For a complimentary consultation give us a call at: 818-308-5743

We love to create custom designs. The veil creates the magic.

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What style veil should I order?

 Don't worry, I'm here to help!

All of my veils are beautiful - however do be open to looking at a variety of styles.  Send a picture of your dress and tell me about your wedding vision and venue.   I'll be delighted to make a few suggestions to get you started.


What color tulle will be the best match for my dress?

Swatches are available in sets of 3 or 4 colors. Choose from traditional tones of white, ivory, champagne and grey. There's also blush and pink pastel tones, shades of blue and even custom options. Feel free to mix and match for your custom color palette.

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How far in advance should I order my veil?

It depends on the item.

All of the veils are handmade to order. Attention to detail takes time, so it is important that you contact me as far as possible in advance of your wedding date to give me time to create the veil of your dreams.

For classic cut edge veils 3 ~ 4 weeks is usually enough time. 

For more elaborate lace edged veils about 12 ~ 14 weeks.


"Made to order" means that I will start making a design once an order is received.  As all of my designs are made entirely by hand and just by me, production time can

What does "made to order" mean?

FAQ #4 CourtneyPaigeRay_JulieHarrisDesig
FAQ #4 CourtneyPaigeRay_JulieHarrisDesig

vary depending on the style ordered. Details of expected timelines are given on each product listing. That said, if you have any questions or need an item urgently, please contact me before placing your order. A rush fee may apply.


What's the difference between Bridal Illusion Tulle & English Net?

Tulle / Bridal Illusion is the most popular veil material. We use luxury English tulle imported from the UK. We also have the best quality illusion tulle manufactured in the USA. Tulle is semi-transparent and weightless. It is the sheerest option and will allow all the lovely details of your gown design to show through.

English Tulle is a  very soft, draping tulle, flowing and airy with a smooth hand. This tulle wafts downwards from the comb, flowing gently around you as you move. English tulle has a luxe look and feel that is so dreamy and romantic.  It's perfect for cathedral-length veils and longer, fanning out around your train in the most spectacular way. 

FAQ# #6

English Net is soft and delicate to the touch and has a dreamy, ethereal quality.

The texture is thicker and more opaque than tulle. It's quite lovely for a single layer mantilla or Juliet cap. English Net hangs close to the body and has a more drapey effect compared to tulle, which floats around the body like a cloud.


The blusher is the shorter layer on the veil designed to be worn over the face as you walk down the aisle for the traditional lifting of the veil!

A blusher of English Net falls very close to the face and clings to the body.

What is a blusher?

FAQ #10 Image-352_edited.jpg


What is a drop veil?

A drop veil is a single piece of tulle cut in the shape of a circle or oval and the comb or veil pins are attached about 30" or more back from the edge so the shorter front

FAQ # 11 CourtneyPaigeRay_JulieHarrisDes

portion "drops" over the face creating a blusher. Drop veils can be stitched onto a comb or pinned into place with veil pins and lie flat on top of your head with no gathering.

For a sleek no "gather at the comb" look, think Princess Kate's veil.

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What are the traditional veil lengths?

22" ~ Shoulder Length

30” ~ Elbow Length

36” ~ Hip Length

42” ~ Fingertip Length ( Popular )

54” ~ Ballet Length ( Kate's Fave )

65” ~ Waltz Length

75” ~ Floor Length

90” ~ Chapel Length

108” ~ Cathedral Length ( Most Popular )

125” ~ Royal Cathedral Length

144” ~ Coronation Length

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You are more than welcome to make an appointment to visit my working studio.

It's a lovely, intimate space where you can try on as many pieces as you'd like as well as have a chat about your ideas and requirements ~ feel free to bring your gown to try on with all the veils and headpieces. We can talk about your inspiration and work on a design together.

To book an appointment, please email:

FAQ 8 IMG_8237.jpg

Do you have a shop or studio I can visit?



How do I measure myself for a custom length veil?

It’s super easy if you happen to have a tape measure. But if you don’t ~ no worries!

Take a long string or piece of yarn and place it on your head at the desired comb position. From there drape the string down to your desired length and mark the end. Measure the string on a ruler or yardstick.


For a longer veil it may be easier for you to pre-measure the string to 108" for example and see how much you like the length. Then you can visualize how far beyond the gown train you'd like your veil to go. You can always shorten the string or add a bit of extra length.



What is "gathering"?

Many veil styles have tulle that is gathered or shirred together to create a small amount of pouf at the top where it is attached at the comb. The gathering adds volume, body and sometimes ~ if there is a lot ~ it adds height.


Do your veils have combs?

Whether gathered or not, all of our veils come attached to tulle wrapped metal combs. If you prefer to attach your veil with our veil pins, please specify at the time of purchase and we will enclosue a pair of veil pins in your choice of silver or gold.

When slipping the comb into your hair always be sure the comb teeth are pointing downwards and the label is on the underside touching the hair.

If you have very fine hair you may wish to have your hairstylist use extra bobby pins to secure the comb and prevent slippage.


Should I iron my veil after it arrives?

Definitely not!

Please use the enclosed veil clip to hang your beautiful veil and allow any creases to fall out naturally. This will take a few hours. Handle your veil gently, it is very delicate. Do not crumple, crush, or jam your beautiful veil into a bag or box. Please fold it carefully back into the shipping box or fold it over a hanger. Do not clip directly onto the delicate tulle.

The veil may be steamed either professionally or with a handheld steamer.


What if I'm still not quite sure what might suit me?

Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you're after ~ I can start by having a chat over the phone or via email to talk about things, choosing a veil and / or bridal hair accessories is very personal, and with so many different types of accessories to choose from it can be overwhelming.

You can tell me about your gown, your venue and what influences you'd like to incorporate into your wedding vibe ~ Old Hollywood, Forest Wonderland or Tropical Beach Bash, for example, and we'll go from there.

I want your bridal veil experience to be fun, easy and most importantly, stress free!

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