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Packing and Traveling With Your Bridal Veil

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Your veil is the most iconic bridal accessory and like your dress you paid a lot for it - its sentimental value is priceless. The big day is approaching, you’re packing your bags and getting ready to go - but what about your veil?

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How does a bride to be travel to her destination wedding and have her veil arrive in perfect condition free from impossibly difficult to remove creases in the fabric or without any rips, snags or tears? Help has arrived! How you handle this delicate item matters if you want to avoid wrinkles, snags, and discoloration before your big day arrives.

Read on to learn how to care for, store, and transport your veil.

Your veil arrives gently folded in a large box. Open it carefully and remove any rings, bracelets or any other jewelry before you gently lift it from the box. It may have gotten creases or wrinkled during the shipping process. After trying it on, use the enclosed veil hanger clip - attach it to the teeth of the comb and hang it carefully out it the way of foot traffic.

I recommend putting it in a guest room or home office, when you first unpack it. Hang it from a door frame or some other high point. If you have a very long veil don’t let it drag on the floor. I Instead drape the train of the veil over at the back of a chair in order to keep it off the floor.

Allow creases to fall out naturally for a couple of days. Should there be any stubborn wrinkles, remove them with a garment steamer or by hanging it in the bathroom to loosen those folds during long, hot showers.

WARNING: Don't use hot tools, irons or direct heat of any kind on your veil. The fabric is delicate and can become discolored or damaged under high temperatures. Avoid hanging your veil near a window where the sunlight will hit it - this can discolor the fabric due to dust in the air.

Wedding Day: Veil Transport and Care Traveling with your veil can be easy and simple. However, you can’t just throw it in a bag and expect it to arrive in perfect condition. Gently fold your veil - first lengthwise, then crosswise. You can fold it once or twice as needed. Then gently place the folded veil over a hanger. I recommend using a velvet covered hanger to avoid slippage. You can keep your veil clip attached to the teeth of the veil comb while it's on the hanger until you can hang it safely at the ceremony venue.

Transport your veil on a hanger and in a garment bag - or with some kind of plastic covering - to shield it from anything that could snag or tear it. Using a simple plastic bag from the dry cleaners works just fine. While in the car you can hang it from the headrest behind the front seat. If you lay it flat on the backseat be sure it is anchored so it doesn’t slide off in the event that you hit the brakes suddenly. Be sure to bring your steamer just in case. Veil fabric is sheer so with the steamer it usually straightens out in less than a minute.

If you are traveling by plane carry it on with your gown to avoid having it crushed in your suitcase or potentially getting lost . Hang your veil- still in its plastic bag - inside your gowns garment bag . That way your delicate veil will be protected from any snags caused by the beading on your gown. Always check in with the airline well in advance of traveling to see what their policies are regarding a very large bulky carry-on like a wedding gown.

At Your Destination

Upon arrival at your destination hang it free of any wrapping. Once hair and makeup are complete it’s time to get dressed. I recommend having your photographer take some close-up portraits of your veil and gown before you put them on. Additionally, photograph the lace or whatever detail are on your veil.

As you exit the room be sure to have one if your bridesmaids carry the train of your veil as you go down the hall and / or the elevator. Keep a hold of the veil to avoid catching, snagging, tearing or staining until it’s time for the next set of photographs or walking down the aisle. It will be worth it for the “ooos” and “ahhs” from your guests!

Pro-tips : Veils are stunningly photogenic - but they can also be prone to damage during outdoor photos. Best to take those after the ceremony.

Be sure your photographer gets a portrait of the back detail and embellishment of your veil.

Get some action shots of your veil billowing in the wind or just hold it away. Try a veil toss as pictured below. Have someone hold the bottom of the veil and stand a short distance away allowing the breeze to give movement to the veil. Throw the veil in the air instead of simply letting it go and watch it billow beautifully before wafting down to the ground.

Veils can help make extraordinary "wedding detail" photos!

Talk to your photographer about getting shots of the lace edges, beading or other personalized details.

Lastly, remember to relax! Enjoy every moment, snags may happen – don’t stress – the gorgeous photos you'll get will be well worth it

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