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To Blusher or Not to Blusher?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

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As a bridal veil designer, one of the most commonly asked questions that I get is:

What is a blusher?

Which is usually followed by:

Do I have to wear a blusher?

When do I flip my blusher to the back of the veil?

Here are 5 tips on deciding whether a traditional blusher is right for you.

1. WHAT IS A BLUSHER?- A blusher is the shorter layer veil traditionally worn over the face as the bride walks down the aisle.- The custom goes back to ancient days and remains in practice today.

You don’t have to decide right away, but definitely do try on a blusher or two. See how it feels, walk a few steps and envision walking towards your fiancé at the end of the wedding aisle. 


Blushers can be whatever length you choose. That said, the average length for a blusher is about 28 to 30 inches

depending on the height of the bride. For a more dramatic look some brides go for an even longer length - sometimes even down to the knees! You have the option of holding your bouquet in front of, or under your long blusher for that drey ethereal look.


If you decide that the blusher look is right for you, when should this veil be lifted? That depends on how traditional you want to be.

- Some have their father flip the blusher back before she joins hands with her husband to be.- Some brides have their fiancé flip it back over her head as soon as they get down the aisle.- The most traditional way is for the bride to wear the blusher forward through the entire ceremony only having it lifted by the fiancé after the vows are exchanged. “You may now kiss the bride,” is the signal to finally flip the blusher back and reveal the full loveliness of the bride.

There is no ‘right’ way to do it - the choice is yours.


It may sound funny, but it’s a good idea to practice lifting the blusher veil with your fiancé a few times at home. 

- Just pin and drape any scarf or lightweight fabric over your face and have him practice lifting the veil carefully.- Have him use both hands evenly spaced about the width of your shoulders.

Gently lift the fabric forward and up, high enough to completely clear your head. You wouldn’t want him to accidentally muss your hair, brush against your lipstick or bump your lovely eyelashes and create a smudge or stain.

Photo: @fatimaelredaphoto

5. FAQs

Q1: ​What if I like the look of a blusher when it’s folded back, and I don’t want to wear it over my face. Can I do that?

JHD: Absolutely Yes!

Q2: ​Does the blusher veil have to have the same embellishment as the rest of my veil?

JHD: No, there are many options.

- The blusher can have a plain cut edge so as not to distract from the front detailing of your gown.- It is also possible to make the long portion of the veil detachable with Velcro so you can wear the short portion all through the reception celebration from cocktails to cake cutting.

Your wedding is your once in a lifetime chance to wear a beautiful bridal veil so make it count!

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